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the sahara desert

The best form of transportation in the desert is via camel. Prior to going on our sunset ride I was reading about a trek and it pretty much sums up my experience, so here it is courtesy of Derek Workman from A Light-Hearted Moroccan Travel Adventure.

"The only thing worse than going uphill on a camel is going downhill, or at least it is of you don't count the getting on and off, or the camel standing up to begin your trek, which pales into nothing the first time the animal drops on its front knees for you to dismount."

"And there's the bit in the middle, the lumpen swaying as the beast plods along, following the curve of the dunes in its meandering route, where your legs begin to ache because there are no stirrups to put your feet in to give you a modicum of support and at least a faint shade of elegance."

"Coming to think of it, there's little to recommend a camel ride, so it's no surprise that most of the guides you talk to prefer to walk."

This is Mohamed who was the smart one who walked our camels into the dunes.

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