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restaurant bareiss

the black forest, mitteltal, germany

Currently travelling through the Alsace region of France and we read about a little town in the Black Forest in Germany that is the Michelin-Star capital of the world. There are three restaurants located here that have between them eight Michelin stars. So curiosity got the better of us and today we drove across the Rhine to experience the reason why Hotel Bareiss has been awarded three stars, the most one can be awarded. Firstly, it has an exquisite dining room.

To begin with we had cold & warm amuse bouches.

Now the true menu begins with a variation of goose foie gras with woodruff and rhubarb. This was paired with a Praepositvs 2014 Moscato Rosa from Italy.

Followed by what was my favourite, sauteed langostine with pea cream tarragon and crustacean glaze. Paired with a Hofflin, Weisser Burgunder 2015 crisp Pinot Blanc.

Next up, cod poached in grape seed oil with radishes, yoghurt and sprout vinaigrette.

Followed by a cassolette of milk-fed lamb with gratinated parmesan bread, artichokes, broad beans and gremolata.

The last of the main dishes, Alsatian pigeon with fried celeriac, wild garlic and fregula sarda. Paired with Domaine Des Hauts Chassis Shiraz.

Then the most amazing 'chariot du fromage' appears. The soft chesses.....

and then the hard cheeses, over 50 cheeses to select from!

The condiment selection for our cheeses.

Followed by the bread selection.

plus some more butter.....salted or unsalted as below, all house made of course!

Once all the hard work in making our selections was over we got to enjoy the cheese course.

Now, if that was not enough here is dessert. Dark chocolate with coconut chocolate crumbles and saffron ice cream. Paired with Brochet Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley.

So you might think that will be the end, but hang on for a little longer, there are more tempting treats coming, friandises or small sweet treats.

Yes this is all correct, there were three little bites for each of us then another two to share. The last one above a black forest corneto, delightful! But wait, there is more! Next rolls in, literally the sweets trolley.

And a box of hand made pralines and chocolates. More choices to be made and more room to be found to consume them!

This must be the end, there simply is no more room left in ones stomach as we watch another tray being delivered.

Fear not, this one is just for the hands! A rose petal in some warm water to wash the evidence of the chocolate from ones hands.

This was an amazing experience. The food was flavoursome and delicious. Every gel, leaf, sauce and condiment has a part to play in the orchestra of flavours presented in each dish. Each was equally enjoyable to the last. The service was polished but a little stiff and in true Germanic style, precise. Perhaps the language barrier did not help to try and engage in conversation with our wait staff. The genius behind all these creations Chef Claus-Peter Lumpp made his way around the small dining room and spoke to all his guests. A lovely way to finish off our experience. With tummies fuller than full we venture back to France enjoying our afternoon in Germany.

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