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I got to meet my food hero today...

What a very exciting day, a signed book of Plenty More, a delicious brunch and a photo with my food hero!

As part of Good Food Month, Yotam Ottoleghi was lured to Australia to promote his new book, Plenty More. Today we were truly privileged to be part of this special event.

Shane Delia started the brunch off with hand made Turkish bread, fresh ricotta with tahini and carob molasses and olives rolled in fel fel.

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Then followed pumpkin and cinnamon hummus (controversial check out yesterday's post on why), chicken, smoked Aleppo pepper and cashew, ending with braised beans, saffron, Lebanese sausage and sumac hobez. Loved the sumac hobez, they were like crunchy noodles the width of linguine coated in the zesty lemon sumac.

Karen Martini next with spiced saffron scones with a date lemon preserve and an orange blossom labneh.

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Sumac potatoes with cornichons, fresh herbs, creme fraiche, fried quail eggs and pickled veal tongue.
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and finally lamb and almond mini pastries adorned with gorgeous pomegranate jewels.
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Felling rather content, it was time for some Plenty More temptations from Ottolenghi, and he did not disappoint.

Tomato and roasted lemon salad, just delicious. I love food packed full of flavour and the roasted whole lemon in this sure gave it the Ottolenghi wow factor.

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Followed by crushed puy lentils, tahini and cumin. Reminded me of a dish my Mum makes with lentils, warm and comforting.
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Then the cauliflower cakes with salbitxada sauce. This cake is light and airy accompanied by this killer tomato/pepper sauce was a perfect match.
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With little room for much more the brunch ended with banana bread, tahini and honey comb.
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Have spent the afternoon reading through the Plenty More cookbook and can't wait to try so many of the recipes. The book is stunning with gorgeous photos, food porn at its best. The question is which recipe am I going to try first?

Here we are, smiles wider than luna park!

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