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a night with Ottolenghi

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Charming, funny, down to earth and very cheeky. What a thrill to see and listen to Yotam Ottolenghi interviewed by Karen Martini last night.

Currently on a tour promoting his new book Plenty More he appeared at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. When asked about his Jewish faith he said he was a "bad Jew", blaming his mother who used to buy under the counter ham from the butcher to make him ham sandwiched for school lunches when he was a young boy.

The cheeky side of him announced that Greeks can not make Hummus! Too lumpy and no need for the addition of yogurt. Hummus according to Ottolenghi is always a smooth paste of chickpeas (never from a can), tahini and lemon juice.

Could have listened to him all night, just delightful. Looking forward to seeing him at brunch tomorrow, and fingers crossed getting my copy of Plenty More personally signed.