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lunch @ O.MY

Today we had an amazing lunch at O.MY in Beaconsfield. It was an eight course degustation with matching wines. Private dinning room looking out to the kitchen garden, wonderful service and great foodie friends to share it all with, we were in for a treat. Our lunch commenced with a glass of Domonique Portet Brut Rose.
Then came out the savory snacks. First up pickled pumpkin skins with macadamia cheese.
White bait with onion seaweed and samphire aioli.
Smoked carrot with popped amaranth seed.
And candied and charred carrot with blueberries and miso powder.
Now it was time for the first of our eight courses! First up, cucumber, zucchini, buttermilk sauce, basil pesto, blue spice basil, warrigal greens and borage flowers. Served with 2013 Valere Riesling from the Yarra Valley.
Second course, Kingfish with green tomato ceviche, young tomatoes, coriander seeds, purslane, garden jus, lemon gel, chickpeas, shallot, squid ink powder, lemon basil, sheep sorrel, ice plant and rock samphire. Served with a 2013 Mengoba Brezo Blanco from Spain.
Third course, slow roasted pumpkin, pumpkin pasta (made from home made pumpkin flour), skin ash, garlic puree, lemon thyme, chilli flower, society garlic flower, toasted pumpkin seeds, chilli oil, pumpkin seed oil, marigold petals, white sage flowers and onion flowers. Served with 2013 Westgate Vineyard Blanc Marsanne Roussanne Viognier from the Grampians.
Fourth course, duck breast, pickled plum quarters, boiled leek, confit shallot, dried leek squares, duck jus, blanched amaranth leaves, miners lettuce, oxalis. Served with 2012 Payten and James Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley.
Fifth course, slow cooked lamb shoulder, fresh beans in vinaigrette, bean flowers, grains in jus, borage flowers, miners lettuce, blueberries, burnet, garden sorrel and seeds. Served with 2011 Crudo Nebbiolo from the Yarra Valley.
Sixth course, pork neck, pickled green tomatoes, parsnip puree, apple tapenade, orach seeds, concentrated pork stock, blanched kale, nasturtium leaves and flowers. Served with 2012 Domaine De Cobasse Minervois from Cote de Rhone in France.
With two dessert courses to go we were presented with some pre sweet snacks! Blueberries, mustard, lemon verbena, coffee cream. 
Saffron apricots, rhubarb and cream. 
House made chocolate, raspberry meringue.
And raspberries with plum and rose crumble.
Onto dessert and the seventh course. Peach compressed with basil, dried peach, basil and buttermilk sorbet, fresh basil, clairy sage flowers, fig & walnut crumble, lightly smoked peach jus and peach chips. Served with a 2011 Dizsnoko Tokaig from Hungary.
And finally, the eight course! Apple compote, honey icecream, honey gel, creme fraiche, crushed honeycomb, viola petals, meringue, garden sorrel leaves and fresh shaved Ballarina apple. All washed down with a 2013 Fragmore Creek Ice Riesling from Tasmania.
In between all that we had some house made sourdough breads, a plain, a rye and a fig and walnut accompanied by house made butter. Approximately 90% of the fresh produce comes from the gardens. They have their own bee hives and an amazing passion. Three young brothers doing some amazing food. Highly recommended for a special occasions. Special thank you to Chayse who looked after us so well.
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