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ascot food store

It's not often we make it over to the other side of town. Today after spending the morning in Altona helping family move into a new home, we took advantage of our location and ventured to the Ascot Food Store for a late lunch. Caesars salad for me and the 'AFC' or Ascot Fried Chicken for Mr Smith.

Menu is interesting with lots of choice, my lunch was fresh, full of flavour and a great interpretation on a classic. The AFC chicken was succulent and had good flavour. Coffee is good, the service prompt and friendly.

Decided it would be amiss to not take away a syringe filled donut, our choice a 'golden gay time'. Unfortunately not as great as it looked, far too doughy and not enough filling to keep it moist. To their defense they did say that it would need to be heated in the microwave prior to consumption minus the syringe! Not having a microwave made this difficult. Regardless, ditch the fun looking donut and go for something savoury, you won't be disappointed.

The 'Ascot Caesar'.

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The 'AFC'.

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